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Comments from readers of "The Impacts of the Internet on Public Libraries in New Zealand in 2002" published in NZ Libraries, March 2003.

"Pretty interesting - especially that mention of an open source reference desk application - which is very useful. On the whole it seemed a well balanced piece of writing - and the idea of libraries focusing on the social value that they add to the community is a good one, as well as brushing up their business skills, and acknowledging that librarians need to get their heads around the whole knowledge economy. - Katie

"I wanted to thank you for your article... I am interested in the research findings, and will be using them to support a number of ongoing initiatives on which I am working. I have included a copy of the report.... which will allow free access to the Internet for information at the .... Public Libraries from as soon as I am able to make the technical is a direction supported by your article." - Bernie

"That was an excellent piece of research recently published in NZ Libraries. I found it very useful." - Jill

" support of a submission....I would like to be able to photocopy some of the information from your paper as published in the LIANZA journal for distribution to council...:" - Karen

"...this is a belated thanks for your response to a note I placed on the list serv a while back regarding Internet charges. Your reply was most helpful, as was a reading of your research in NZ Libraries.

My initial query was in relation to a report to council to reduce or remove Internet charges. The outcome was a significant reduction in the charge (from $8 per hour to $2), with a continuation of our current pay/free stream structure. It is our intention to make the greater mass of what is available on the Internet available through the free stream, with a small selection of sites (predominantly hotmail, yahoo mail, etc...] attracting the charge. Although this does not go as far as I would have preferred, it is a huge step forward from where we were. Many thanks for your help." - Chris

Article cited by Paul Staincliffe in "Has cataloguing become too simple? : why it matters for cataloguers, catalogues and clients" at the 2003 LIANZA conference.


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