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The following articles, software, websites and scholarly papers have been authored by Adam Pope:

(2007) Kobkun Thai Therapy Spas - website graphics, layout, information architecture and copy

(2007) Records management in a nutshell Records Management Society Bulletin Iss 137 May 2007, p.8

(2007) Seven ways for records management to green your business Records Management Society Bulletin Iss 136 March 2007, p.6

(2006) Freddie the Magnificent - blog design and authorship

(2006) Think you know how to copy and paste? Records Management Society Bulletin Iss 132 June 2006, p.31

(2006) Mary Salmon - Freelance Journalist - website design

(2006-) The Information Handyman - turning clutter into knowledge

(2006) Ascending Mt Fyffe - travel article

(2005) The FOI Monitor: managing access to information requests Open Source Software release.

(2005) Towards trust: the early impact of freedom of information State Librarian Autumn 2005.

(2004) Telephone survey research for library managers co-authored with Philip Calvert Library Management 26(3):139-151

(2004) Roadmap to knowledge management : data sharing in the public sector Available from

(2003) The impacts of the internet on public library use in New Zealand NZ Libraries : The Journal for Library and Information Management 49(8):271-280

(2002) Old bottles and new wine Library Life : The Magazine for Library and Information Professionals 274 :6

(1999) Click on the link to see how the site was in April 2001

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