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The Impacts of the Internet on Public Library Use in New Zealand in 2002


In 2000 a survey of 3097 US adults provided a grasp on the shape of the market for Internet and library services. Results indicated a complementary relationship between the two information providers which would nevertheless require monitoring.

A telephone survey conducted from February-April 2002 in the Waikato of 829 randomly selected over eighteen year olds, in partial replication of that conducted in the US in 2000, revealed:

73% of Internet users in New Zealand in 2002 were users of the library.

21 services offered by libraries were patronised 10.7% more heavily on average by users of the Internet than library users who did not use the Internet.

Internet-only use and Internet & library use rose as the demographic grew younger whilst library-only users declined, as did users of neither. The exception of a decrease in Internet & library users amongst 18-30 year olds indicated the very real prospect of library use diminishing over time. This was compounded by cross-country comparison.

Using an average weighted by library popularity, of Internet and library users who chose to use only one provider for quick reference needs, 72% only used the Internet. For work related needs 81% only used the Internet, whilst for leisure 59% only used the library.

Access the full text here - (557KB).

A 4500 word version of this was published in NZ Libraries : the Academic Journal for the Library and Information Profession in February, 2003

Reader Comments

The Excel file that was used to capture the data for this research contains 35,000 bits of manipulable raw data. If you'd like access to this, or have a particular problem that this data may be able to solve, please contact the author.


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