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The New Information Handyman 7th April 2006

The industrial age is facing its twilight, and we're waking up to a different era. Proprietary copyright interests are challenged by revolutionary mass sharing. Simple software tricks open up a whole new world of information. Lightning fast computers and hardware enable access to that information like never before. Courts hand down judgements based on out-of-date legislation and politicians attempt to pass laws that are superceded by innovation before the second reading.

Helping you to navigate your way through this hazy, ever-changing dawn is the Information Handyman. With expert training in political science, teaching and information management, Adam Pope is in pole position to explain in simple terms how to master the latest software tricks, show how new values are replacing old, pinpoint the hardware that will best serve your needs, strip out the minutiae to provide you with the spirit that legislative and judicial changes to information and copyright law enshrine, and turn information overload into the knowledge that leads to wisdom.

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